WingMakers no es ni un camino ni una enseñanza,
es simplemente una forma de vida basada en la igualdad espiritual,
y en este modo de vida se propone no juzgar
sino más bien distinguir cuidadosamente entre las frecuencias más bajas de la separación
y las frecuencias más altas de la unidad --todas y cada una.

James Mahu. Extraído de las Obras Completas de los WingMakers Volumen 1

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Introduction to Quantum Pause

Quantum Pause is a primary tool of the Sovereign Integral process. The wonderful thing about breath is that it is always with you from the very first to the very last experience of this world. It is portable, everyone has it and it is what anchors you into the now.

Below is a step-by-step process that is recommended to use when you practice quantum pause, however, it is also suggested that you remain open to adapting this process to your own style, preference and capabilities.

STEP 1: Declarative Purpose

The first step is called Declarative Purpose. This simply means that before you begin, declare your intent. There are two general states when one performs quantum pause:
1. I am doing this for the whole of humanity
2. I am doing this for a specific subset of humanity (myself, friends, family)
The first state is obvious, but the second varies by a considerable degree. For example, you could apply quantum pause for a situation that requires forgiveness or compassion within your immediate family, or perhaps yourself. Whatever the purpose is, it is recommended to declare it before you take your first breath. This is your inception point for the entire session that follows.

STEP 2: Breath Baseline (2-4 measures)

From a breath perspective, there are four equal parts to quantum pause. In-breath (nose) > pause > out-breath (mouth) > pause. This 4-part process is called a measure. Each measure is divided into two segments:
1. In-breath > pause segment, which is the I AM
2. Out-breath > pause segment, which is the WE ARE
After you have declared your purpose, then perform 2-4 measures of breath, without visualizing or thinking or feeling. This step is simply to quiet your internal state, center your awareness and bring you fully into the now.

STEP 3: Conceptual Attention (3-5 measures)

After you have your baseline established, imagine that during the in-breath segment that a vertical line or column extends from the center of earth through your pineal gland in your brain and upwards to infinity. The beginning of the in-breath starts in the core of earth, and as you inhale, the vertical line extends through you and into infinity above. When you reach the pause after your in-breath, imagine that the field of I AM consciousness during the pause is coalescing or uniting within the vertical column.

During the out-breath segment, visualize a horizontal bar or line that originates in your heart area and extends outwards from your arms’ deltoid muscles, encircling earth. When you reach the pause after your out-breath, imagine that the field of WE ARE coalesces within the horizontal bar. The WE ARE visualization connects you to humanity and life on earth.

It is not critical that you visualize in high resolution (i.e., color and fine detail). These are conceptual attentions without any judgment as to your performance or how much detail you can imbue to each segment. You are directing your attention on high concepts, and this is enough.

These concepts of I AM and WE ARE, when compared to your programming on television, internet, and daily life environments, support your service to truth. There is no judgment to how you perform this. It is simply that the conceptual attention, in itself, loosens the bonds from the programming of the Hologram of Deception.

STEP 4: Body Lens of the Heart Virtues (3-5 measures)

During the in-breath segment of each measure, you can bring in one or more of the heart virtues. For example, as you breathe in, you imagine forgiveness, as a lens, forming around your entire body. You can look out through this lens that encompasses you through your entire being. You are saturated in forgiveness. In the pause, you simply allow it to intensify and encompass you like a transparent energy field.

When you transition to the out-breath segment, you release this forgiveness or whatever heart virtue you are focused on. The release, as it pertains to the declarative purpose, is either to humanity at large, or a subset, which could include just you, your family members, work colleagues, friends, neighbors, pets, animals, plants, etc.

It is important to direct the heart virtues upon yourself as you move through this process. You require self-forgiveness, self-compassion, self-understanding and self-appreciation. Sometimes it is best to do this at the end of the day, and focus on others and humanity during the day, but this is an individual process and you decide what works for you.

STEP 5: Completion

When you feel you are done, you can send appreciation to the Creator in that conceptual framework of infinity that you held earlier. Then, take the entire session and imagine it is compressed into something the size of a pea or small stone, and it is wisely placed within your pineal gland to be absorbed and transmitted.
Then dissolve the entire session by opening your eyes and declaring “It is done.” You do not hold any bias or outcome favoritism. You are neutral, as you step out of the session.

Additional Suggestions

Condensed Versions of Quantum Pause—once you have practiced this for a period of two or three weeks, consider how it can be condensed and applied in real-time circumstances that allow you to transfer the experience of a five-stage session into a 30-second session, then a 10-second session and finally into a 3-second session. The idea is to condense the experience (not the breathing aspect) of quantum pause into a smaller time segment that can be used in real-time experiences so you can be on a phone call, in a meeting, driving your car, talking with your spouse, and call up the experience without the formality and time requirement of the 5-step structure.

Breath Control—there is no judgment that the longer your breath parts are performed in each of the segments, the better the result. There is no correlation. However, as you get into the later steps of the quantum pause process, your attention is less centered on your breath. You allow it to become self-directed, so your attention can move to a more imaginative and feeling oriented state.

Purpose—the purpose of quantum pause is not to leave the body or have a “spiritual” experience or conjure any “positive” experience upon completion. It is purposely not of that realm. It is not designed to create an experience for your mind or provide visualizations of another world. If you see, sense or feel anything that is unrelated to your purpose, gently, but firmly, remove it.

Posture—unlike meditation, quantum pause is not related to specific postures. You can practice it lying down when you wake up or go to bed. You can be standing up or sitting down. There is no posture requirement. Quantum pause is not meditation for the human instrument. It is a behavioral exercise to reveal the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness.

Synchronize—if you practice quantum pause, and you begin your session at the top of the hour, it will synchronize your experience with others and expand the energy. It doesn’t matter which of the 24 hours you start with, but if you can, begin at the top of the hour.

Quantum Pause Breath Pattern
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Quantum Pause Conceptual Attention
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General Timeline
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Sovereign Integral Process
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Accessing the Grand Design
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Hologram of Deception
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About the Author

James Mahu is the anonymous creator of the WingMakers and related websites, a handful of novels, a large collection of philosophical discourses, a dozen papers on spiritual practices, poetry, short stories, visual artwork, and nearly a hundred music compositions. His works have been translated into nearly twenty languages.

In 1998, his first published creation was, which established James—its creator—as a multidimensional storyteller who was focused on sharing deep, original perspectives to the conversations of spirituality, cosmology, extra-dimensional existence, myth and the importance of the heart in one’s personal mission.

James has made no effort to create a visible role for himself in the field, no organization has ever been started and no relationship with any other organization exists.
James’ works are to help people activate, and make accessible, their unique view into truth. He draws on deep symbolism, archetypes and mythological characters to help people sense the deeper realities that underlie their personal worlds.

The primary goal of his work is to be a “midwife” for the birth of The Grand Portal as described in The Fifth Interview of Dr. Jamisson Neruda.

To live in service of truth, you must first identify the layers of deception that encompass you. This is the equivalent of deprogramming. It is central to the Sovereign Integral process. Then you can live the words and ideas that arise from this internal field of truth that is inside you and nowhere else. It is completely unaffiliated with anything that is a feature of the Hierarchy. This is because what is truth is singular (sovereign) and universal (integral) at the same time. No organization can contain that. Only you can.
- Excerpt from Chamber 8 Philosophy

El término WingMakers está codificado:
"Alas"(Wing) deriva del término viento o volar. Es la fuerza activa que crea nuevos estados en movimiento.
"Creadores" (Makers) es la pluralidad de los co-creadores —que es la esencia colectiva de la humanidad.
Por lo tanto, WingMakers significa que a partir de la esencia colectiva de la humanidad nuevos estados de conciencia nacerán.
Este es el significado del término WingMakers, y que confiere a la humanidad una nueva identidad.
La humanidad se está transformando en WingMakers.”

James Mahu. Extraído de las Obras Completas de los WingMakers Volumen 1

Buscador WMBlog:

"Estos trabajos son catalizadores y su objetivo es ayudar a las personas a cambiar su conciencia para acceder más eficazmente a su propio propósito espiritual, especialmente cuando éste se vincula con el descubrimiento del Gran Portal. 

"Lo importante a tener en cuenta al revisar estos materiales es que estás compuesto de un instrumento humano que consiste en tu cuerpo físico, tus emociones y tu mente. El instrumento humano está equipado con un portal que permite recibir y transmitir desde y hacia las dimensiones superiores que reemplazarán nuestra realidad tridimensional —la realidad de la vida cotidiana.  

Estos materiales están diseñados para ayudar al desarrollo de este portal así, a medida que lees y experimentas estas obras, estarás interactuando con este portal, ampliando tu visión y receptividad."


Extracto de la Introducción
a las Obras Completas de los WingMakers Vol.1